If you’re looking to lower your utility costs then maintaining or reducing gas unit prices is critical. Contracts available run for at least 12 months, with two or three-year extensions possible from most major suppliers. Beware of lower unit rates being quoted on the market. For an accurate comparison between suppliers, you should compare your total annual bill including the unit price and daily standing charge.

All utility contracts are liable to automatic rollover terms. Renewal letters are sent only to micro businesses so if you have more than ten employees, you need to terminate your current agreement proactively. Rollover rates can double or triple your current tariff with prices fixed for another contract term.

Before switching occurs, you must finish your current contract to be able to move to a new one. New tariffs are only available once your current agreement has ceased. If your contract is coming to an end, then complete our contact form and let Applai Energy do all the work. You’ll need your postcode, company address together with your meter reference number to improve accuracy. You’ll find these located on your most recent bill or original contract.

The traditional big six energy companies include British Gas, Southern Electric (SSE), Eon, Edf, ScottishPower, and Npower. Additionally there are another 20 companies including Opus, Shell and Gazprom. Applai Energy will find cheaper deals through our extended relationships, we understand which company offers the best prices for your profile. We manage the whole process on your behalf.