1. A service is due for renewal (this can be up to 90 days before the date expires)
  2. We will contact you to let you know we are working on finding you the best switching price
  3. We will contact you with our lowest quote once available – depending on your meter type this could take between 24 hours and 5 days
  4. Only on your go-ahead we will provision the switch on your behalf
  5. If you wish we will update you after every status during the renewal process – the progress will also be available via the Lonato Renewal CRM

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business Group Switching?

We have negotiated unique deals from the Top 30 Energy Suppliers in the UK. We can offer you rock-bottom prices to switch that are not available to other brokers and direct with the suppliers.

Without our service your sites will be switching services at different rates. Some will be classed as high energy users and will be offered better tariffs than the lower energy users.

We don’t work that way – we offer the same low tariffs to all your sites regardless of energy used. Overall this ensures you have a much larger saving accross all your sites stopping the “cherry picking” mentality most brokers and energy suppliers use.

What does an Industrial and Commercial energy broker do?

We work primarily with large energy users for whom navigating the energy market can be much more complicated, and so requires high levels of niche expertise and product knowledge.

Energy brokers in this end of the market are true energy brokers, trading gas and electricity on the wholesale market the same way a city trader trades on a commodities exchange using live trading screens and sophisticated financial models.

There is also significant legal and contractual skill required to set up bespoke contract terms with suppliers and ensure the best deal for our clients.

All of this is far removed from the perception of energy brokers that the army of cold callers has created, but it does affect us as we have become reluctant to simply pick up the phone and connect with someone new.

What do we need from you?

With your authority our team of switching agents can gather all the information about your energy meters across all your sites and populate the Lonato Renewals CRM.

How can you track the ongoing and upcoming renewals?

Every client we work with is given free access to our unique Renewals CRM. From here you can track the status of all on-going renewals and see reports on upcoming ones.

Even better we can provide area, branch and user level access – this level of security allows all your sites access to their own designated sites.

Or we can simply email you – what ever works best for you!

Lonato Renewals CRM

Below is a quick overview of the Lonato Renewals CRM.

The video contains sound.